and sorry dudes I’ve been distracted + exhausted and that’s a terrible combo, I’ll try and get some new stuff up soon!

are you ever gonna do Sams POV on the Adam in hell question? Or did you already do it and I'm just blind? Haha x

Honestly, I never got to it and I totally forgot what Sam’s answer was. Whoops!

do you read tags on your posts??

maybe a little

[a lot, i read them a lot]

Cas, can you protect me? I'm feeling so damn sad :(

can you draw a castiel that i can use for the sidebar of my blog? (i'd give credit in my updates tab and prolly reblog the post haha)


I probably won’t draw something specific, but you’re welcome to use any of the existing images once you credit!

I love all your little drawings they are so cute!! I just have one question. Have you considered drawing Gadreel? I would love to see him!

Gosh I love your blog so much! I just found it a while ago but I already looked through it all!

I’m really glad you enjoy it! A lot of it’s old art, but I’m working to add more new stuff as time goes on :D more questions are always welcome!

Dean, how fun are those demon powers and eyes?


"They’d be a whole lot more fun if Sam and Cas weren’t such killjoys.”

question for mod!! why are castiel's wings sometimes white and sometimes black?

Hi friend!

There’s no real reason, eheh. Sometimes I feel like black suits the picture better, sometimes white and sometimes i’m too lazy to colour them in

nothing fancy about it :D

WHEN I SAW THAT YOU WERE BACK MY HEART EXPLODED. I love you so much. Thanks for returning. <3

these messages are downright lovely!! it’s good to be back ♥ ♥ ♥