well fun fact i thought i posted that picture of my cat to my own blog

it’s like nearly four years and im still posting things to the wrong blog

Sam, what happened to your purple dog shirt? You never wear it anymore.

What would happen if Dean and Castiel watched the clouds together

Can You draw a picture of Sam with his "Puppy-Dog Eyes" on full blast? Please?

enjoy your nightmare fuel


oh danG

you're not posting much... Is it bc you don't have asks? :( I love your blog!!!!

I have nearly 2000 asks on this blog!

But, inspiration is fickle. Sometime I’ll answer a message from months ago, sometimes I’ll answer one I got half an hour ago- it all depends on whether or not I get an idea for a fun answer.

But, new asks are always welcome!

I’m gonna go ahead and give this blog a little bit of a makeover on the weekend, because it’s had this theme for a looong time now

I’m gonna do up a new sidebar image and I kinda want you guys to have input so here’s a quick poll to give your two cents as to who’ll be in the sidebar! 


when i have more time i’ll figure out how to make the sidebar randomly show sam, dean, or castiel, but for now just one of ‘em gets to shine!

dean!!! you are so mean in the promo :o

To the mod: you've changed styles a lot since the beginning, was there a reason?

Ooh, well, I suppose this is a bit of a two parter

firstly, a lot of the change in how i draw these dudes comes from sheer improvement, getting familiar with the style I use and stuff like that. The character are fundamentally drawn the same but, well, you gotta improve after three years of drawing the same three guys

the second thing is how I went from b&w to colour to a sketchy barf, and that’s pretty simple to answer. I liked the b&w in the beginning, it was clean and flat and simple. then i wanted colour, and i really really enjoyed being able to brighten up the blog but colour is way way way more time consuming that the original format.

then i learned about loosening up your lines to give them more life and stuff, found some nifty new PS brushes courtesy of my sister and voila! sketchy barf i love to draw that is really quick to get done

And that’s pretty much it!